CHTHONIC Special Album Bundle (with Anti- Epidemic Gear Set)

"MEGAPORT 2021", the live album features Chthonic and Audrey…


Following the release of their new version of Supreme Pain…

Classic Chthonic song rearranged with Trivium’s Matt Heafy

After a new album released at the end of 2018 received Golden…

Chthonic Concern ft Orchestra draws over 50 thousand to the Presidential Plaza.

Chthonic Concern ft Orchestra draws over 50 thousand to the…

Chthonic to Hold a Large Outdoor Concert with a Symphony Orchestra on Dec 21.

Chthonic, regarded as "Black Sabbath of Asia" by the Guardian, surprisingly announced that its new concert "Taiwan Grand Triumph" will be held on December 21st

Australia ABC NEWS interview with CHTHONIC

Taiwan and China have been at loggerheads since the island broke away from the mainland when the civil war ended 70 years ago...

Another Chthonic’s new MV is on! “Flames upon the Weeping Winds”!

What is hell? Someone said the room in classic movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” is.

CHTHONIC's first overseas tour for their latest album in No Maps festival.

With the high anticipation from the fans, CHTHONIC's 8th, but the first album in five years, Battles of Aura finally came out.

CHTHONIC released new music video A Crimson Sky's Command

CHTHONIC has released A Crimson Sky's Command, the second title track from their latest album,

Acoustic version music video of CHTHONIC’s latest Album set

CHTHONIC usually leaves the audience a ferocious impression; however, the release of the acoustic album Timeless Sentence 4 years ago