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posted on 08/12/2012
Doris Photo Album “Set fire to the island” plus CHTHONIC new single is announced for preorder!

Doris Photo Album “Set fire to the island”
(with Chthonic’s latest single Set Fire to the Island火燒島)
Pre-order dates: Aug 13th~Sep 20th | Shipping date: Oct. 3rd
96 Pages | Size: 21.5cm x 28cm
Order it in pre-sale for a 3-dimensional large print.
In order to show the theme of the book, some photos are with special effects. 
Don't worry, they are not printing problem, have fun reading!
Having been chosen as FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World for four consecutive years, and one of the Hottest Chicks in Metal by the US-based Revolver magazine, Doris, the bassist of Taiwanese heavy metal band Chthonic, now represents almost 100 pages of her unique sexiness with photos shot by master photographer Joshua Lin!

However loud the music may be, sometimes there's too little that can be said through music, when we actually have much to say. Therefore, here is it, a photo album with not many words, but tells many stories aloud. 
This is an “accidental” book of images. At first, it was just a regular photo shooting for a fashion magazine, however, at Doris took part in brainstorming for themes, the ideas of struggling, repression, liberation, and freedom came up. As Joshua’s team fueled the project, it eventually became a complete and conceptual book of images shot in Green Island. Doris had different outfits to visualize the concepts of control on thoughts, censorship, twisted humanitarianism, strict surveillance and schizoid personality—in addition to her sexiness. Doris returns to her identity as a rock musician at the end to give birth to a new and free soul.

One of the most outstanding rockers, Doris has been on almost all rock magazines as well as fashion magazines, conquering the world with her unique sexiness. Joshua Lin, a renowned Taiwanese photographer who has taken perfect pictures for many celebrities in Taiwan. In 2012, Doris works with Joshua for the first time and traveled all the way to Green Island for an absolutely eye-catching photographic album.
The photo book may surprise you with large close-up raw shots, and images that show the artistic relationship between humans and the space. You may also take it as the “discovery channel”, as it would take you to coral reefs, coast, and caves of Green Island, it would also take you to the Human Rights Park where thousands of Taiwanese intellectuals were locked up by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) regime.

Doris: Set Fire to the Island is the best choice whether you want to keep it for yourself, give it as a gift to your buddies, or share it with your girl friends.
For those music lovers, Chthonic has specially composed a symphony with piano, strings, and wind music, so that you may enjoy it not only with your eyes, but also with your ears.

Let’s use our freedom to promote that of all human beings! 10% of the revenue from sales of the book would be donated to Amnesty International.

Order it in pre-sale for a 3-dimensional large print. 

About Green Island
Known as “Island on Fire(火燒島)” in history, Green Island is rich in natural landscape and resources. The first inhabitants were Amis and Tao Aborigines, but later, residents of Siaoliuciou Island moved in in large numbers. After World War II, the KMT government took over Taiwan, and abusively arrested intellectuals and imposed a reign of terror in Taiwan. The political prisoners were thrown behind bars on Green Island for decades, making it once a dark mark on human rights history. After democratization of Taiwan, Green Island was opened up to the public, and has become a popular tourist destination. At promotion of Po Yang (柏楊), the first president of Amnesty International Taiwan, a human rights park was created on the island in 1999, making it an attraction with both history and landscape.
Preview some photos: 
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‧Doris Photo Album “Set fire to the island” plus CHTHONIC new single is announced for preorder!
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