MTV Taiwan is airing CHTHONICโ€™s unplugged live

After several unplugged lives with tickets sold out in seconds, CHTHONIC decided to rearrange all these works performed in those concert, and, after nearly a year of hardwork, it has finally completed its first acoustic folk album “Timeless Sentence”, which will be released in Taiwan more

From rockers to writers, CHTHONIC will soon release its first novel.
CHTHONIC has worked with the writer Vader Chiu—who once published the book CHTHONIC Dynasty—to published “Day 578 After the War”, a historical fantasy that blends stories from several of CHTHONIC’s albums that recounts how a young Taiwanese medium travels into the more


Summer drinking is not over yet, for that independence is on its way!

The first bottled artisan beer brewer, the award-winning North Taiwan Brewery has worked with CHTHONIC to come up with the latest beer in September—the “CHTHONIC’s Independence Beer. 
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